Treatment List and Prices

For treatments outside of a 2 mile area, add £5 if within 3-4 miles and £10 if within 4-5 miles of central Beckenham.

THE PARKLANGLEY CLUB - See leaflet at club for details.  Member discounts applied

£45 for treatment (45  minutes)

Massage - Holistic Swedish (30 minute minimum)

£40 for 30 minutes - this is a part body treatment e.g. back, shoulders and arms or, legs
£50 for 45 minutes - this is e.g. an extended back treatment or 2 body parts
£60 for 60 minutes - this is a whole body treatment
£80 for 90 minutes - this is a whole body - can include face treatment or extended body treatment


Sports Massage (includes approx. 5 to 10 minutes for body assessment and stretching)
£40 per 30 minutes - this is a part body treatment
£10 per additional 15 minutes

Tsuboki Japanese Rejuvenating Facial Massage (45 minute treatment)
£45 for a single treatment
£200 for a course of  5 treatments paid in advance
£390 for a course of 10 treatments paid in advance

Chair Massage/Backrub through clothing
£35 for 30 minutes
£45 for 45 minutes

Corporate Chair Massage/Backrub through clothing
Beckenham 80p per minute, Surrounding Areas 90p per minute (subject to a minimum booking time of 60 minutes)
London 100p per minute (subject to minimum booking time of 90 minutes)

Bliss Treatment
£95 The Bliss treatment lasts 120 minutes and incorporates a full body massage with either a Tsuboki Japanese facial treatment or a Reflexology treatment to leave you feeling fantastically relaxed and rejuvenated

Please note -
All treatments will include an initial consultation where a medical history is recorded and any contra-indications are explored. To accomodate this, please allow an additional 15 minutes for the first treatment. Chair massage requires only a brief review of medical conditions.

For the massage treatments, I will bring a massage couch together with towels, supports and oils. For the Reflexology treatments, I will bring a towel and cushion and a zero gravity chair.

- Pay for 10 treatments and receive a 10% discount

- £10 off 2+ treatments at the same time

GIFT VOUCHERS are available upon request.  These can be for a particular treatment or for any amount.